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How does it work?

Simple and easy to use, the Family WebCare application will be ready in just a few steps.



Childrens or adults, create your own account on the application in a few simple steps. Then simply link your accounts to take advantage of all the interactions.



To link the adult account to a child’s account it is very simple: the adult gives the “family code” available on his account to the child he wants.
The child in turn informs him about the application to validate the association.



Family WebCare is ready to go! You are alerted to cyberbullying issues and your children are now safe.

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Protect your children on the web

Family WebCare allows your children to make a diagnosis of their e-reputation on Google. With a few clicks, they can identify the negative content that concerns them and ask their parents to help them. As a parent, you are also alerted if potentially harmful content about your child is detected.

Make your child responsible on social networks

He can scan his social network profiles on a regular basis, to identify and remove negative or insulting publications and easily keep control of his activity. We also help him to configure his accounts as well as possible in order to avoid any data leakage

Be alerted and react to problems

You are alerted in case of harmful content related to your child visible on the web. You can then take control and take a series of actions by calling on our team of experts or the competent authorities to restore your children’s reputation as quickly as possible

Few statistics about cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a real nuisance for young people. It is all the more intense and destructive because the harassment that can be found in a schoolyard or classroom because the victim may even be affected at home. Threats and insults continue even outside school and the young person can receive continuous messages from morning to evening. Unfortunately, many children suffer from it today! It is therefore important to act in the fight against online bullying.


Students are victims of of an online attack

only talk about it to their parents

Family WebCare & CES 2018

Family WebCare was first introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2018